Dog Obedience Training St. Louis

Here at Ridgeside K9 we help make dogs OBEDIENT, CONFIDENT, and ENJOYABLE to live with. But most importantly, we give YOU as the owner the skills to maintain results and effectively communicate with your dog. Not only will we train your dog, but we will train you too!

All of our programs include and E-collar!


Two week puppy board and train
Do you have a new puppy? Then this program is for you! Our Puppy University focuses on educating you as owners on how to give your new puppy a healthy, structured, and exciting lifestyle.

Many new owners are unaware of the importance of providing their new puppy a lifestyle that will help prevent major behavioral issues that some owners see down the road. After spending hours on google looking for information on to raise him right, they sometimes find themselves more confused than before. Let us guide you!

Our Puppy University starts with a “How to Raise your Puppy the Right Way” brief. Afterwards, your puppy will attend our two week puppy board and train where we will focus on:

socializing your puppy the RIGHT way, exposure to other people, dogs, noises, surfaces, etc., crate training, potty training, confidence building, and of course basic obedience.

After the two weeks, we will spend time with YOU to teach you everything he learned and ensure that you understand how to maintain his training!


Four week board and train
Starting training early is crucial in a dog’s life. You can start training your puppy as young as 8 weeks! Yes, everything you do at that age will have a significant,, long-term impact on the dog’s development, good or bad. We are here to help you with that!

Our Puppy Program is broken down into two phases under one package:

Phase 1: Under 5 months old. Your puppy will come to us for 10 days and will be exposed to a lot of environments that are crucial in building a confident puppy! During his 10 days, we will focus on teaching him verbal markers, basic commands, proper socialization, puppy recall, crate training, potty training, and confidence building! When your puppy goes home, we will educate you and give you the knowledge you need on raising him for the next few months to avoid common problems owners run into!

Phase 2: Between 6-8 months: Your dog will come back for our off-leash 2 week board and train! During this time we will work on your dog’s off-leash obedience. During this phase your dog will learn all commands in our 2 week board and train program: he will have a 100% reliable recall, leash manners, house manners, vehicle manners, and he will work in very high distraction areas with a lot of environmental stimulation!

Our goal with this program is to help you raise a very confident and obedient puppy from a very young age. You will be mentored by us through the entire process! For this program, we highly advise owners to send us videos of them practicing so we can help!


Two week board and train
Our 2 week world famous dog training board and train program focuses on obedience both on-leash and off-leash, from inside the home to higher distraction areas, such as parks, department stores, beaches, etc. Our Dog trainers focus on real world dog obedience at all times. We will give your dog a 100% reliable recall regardless of the environmental distractions. During the two weeks of training, your dog will stay with us.

While obedience behavior and tricks are fun, what sets us apart from other trainers is our focus on house manners and everyday lifestyle. Remember that your dog will spend most of its time with you at home.. Therefore, we want to make your overall experience with your dog more enjoyable.

We are balanced trainers and utilize all four quadrants of operant conditioning as needed by each individual dog. We start our training in our facility in a very low distraction setting so that we can build a bond and earn your dog’s trust. After your dog has learned all the commands, we will work on duration, distance and distraction. From then on we will proof your dog’s training in high distraction settings in order to set them up for success in the real world!

Standard commands include:

-Come/recall, sit, down, heel, place, off, kennel, car manners, house manners, and greeting manners


Four-six week board and train
Our aggression rehabilitation program is designed for the dogs who snarl, snap, bite, or straight on attack at the sight of another human, dog, cat, etc. Whether your dog’s aggression is based on fear, insecurity, defensiveness, or just down right bratty behavior, we are here to help.

During your dog’s stay, we will work on building your dog’s confidence in themselves by exercising both their mind and their body. We will teach them all of the commands included in our 2 week off-leash obedience package, as well as counter conditioning them to their triggers using a combination of classical and operant conditioning.

Not every dog can be safely rehabilitated, but we do guarantee that we can give you the control and stability that you and your dog need to be able to enjoy a more peaceful life together.